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Ladybird Yoga Shack

Ladybird Yoga Shack a Unique Yoga Studio in Tadley Hampshire

Are You Concerned About Joining A Yoga Class ?

This Could Be The Tranquil Space You Are Looking For

Built Especially For One-to-One Yoga Sessions


It is an honour to offer this unique space for One -to - One Sessions as Group Classes do not suit everyone

You may be lacking in confidence, or looking for help with an injury

One-To-One Sessions are tailored to your unique body, helping you to reach your optimal health and wellbeing much faster 

All One-to-One Sessions are paid in advance and all equipment is provided

First Session - 75 minutes @ £55

Sessions - 1 hour @ £50

4 Sessions @ £180

Limited Availability

See Cancellation Page for Terms & Conditions  

Restrictions - Over 18's only.  The sessions involve movement, so you should be able to get up and down from the floor




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